Unlock Your Empathic Potential and Harness Your Sensitivity for Success

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Hi There I'm Gemma...

I help Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Speakers, Coaches and Healers find their MAGIC to align to their most Abundant, Authentic selves in Life and Business

I’m an accredited Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Quantum Healer and TEDx speaker.

Highly Sensitive, Neurodivergent lover of cats, tea, travel, nature and reading!

After 18 years of experience in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Energy Work and Coaching, overcoming my own extreme anxiety, building and leaving a corporate career in HR in Financial Services and Setting up a Flourishing Soul Aligned Business and doing a TEDx.

I now work with a blend of neuroscience, energetics and the Quantum Field to help you be the absolute best version of yourself.

If you have BIG dreams and goals and a vision for the future to make a HUGE impact on the world using your Sensitivities and GIfts as your Superpower Strengths then you're in the right place!

Send me an email if you have questions gemma@gemmasandwell.com

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