Step into a space of ease, flow & effortlessness

What are Quantum Alchemy Sessions?

These sessions are designed to work directly with Source Energy and the Quantum Field to tune into the exact energies in your body, energetic field, akashic records, grids, templates and more.

Using the unique dowsing method using a Ruthenium pendent which pin points specific energies that need clearing on the comphrehensive charts and channelled information from Gemma.

You will receive the Quantum Alchemy Healing assisted by the Quantum healing kit that works on the specific energies that have been pin pointed. This process may go through several layers of healing starting with a diagnostic process, the healing process and then repeating this again for each layer until everything is cleared.

This healing works directly with Source Energy only (so it is of pure energy, no other modalities are brought into this process).

Anything that comes up in the diagnostic process exists on an energetic level and we are clearing it at that level before it becomes a physical issue (as well as nipping any physically issues in the bud at the root cause).

What you'll get

1) Have physical issues cleared off you energetically so your health improves and you feel amazing every day.

2) Clear your business and your finances of any blocks and attachments so you are you best self for your clients and yourself every day.

3) Clear any energies or karma holding you back from previous lifetimes so you are no longer operating from karma/past events and fully aligned with your soul and your future.

4)Clear your aura and energy of any attachments and entities creating negative thought processes, triggers, sleep disruptions, energy attacks. So you sleep with ease, your thoughts are clear and you can be productive and in flow with ease for your life and business.

5) Step into a space of ease, flow and effortlessness, align to your soulful, authentic self.

6)Clear any karma or energetic influence in your relationships and divine connections so you have the most amazing relationships and connections with your soul tribe and soul clients.

Why are the sessions unique?

Many clients say that there is no other coach they desire to work with because of my blend of Science, Spiritual and Quantum Techniques.

There is no other healing and clearing modality which defines exactly what needs clearing, from where and the root cause. This along with Gemma's channelling abilities and spiritual coaching creates the magic blend of tools to shift and align you back to your truth and authenticity.

Many clients report instant shifts with these sessions due to the depth of healing and clearing we are doing here.

See how a session works....

" I’m a HSP, introvert and I know I get easily overwhelmed and I’d inadvertently got to a stage where:

I was feeling constantly poorly, my creativity was zero- as someone who writes a lot of content for social media, this was incredibly frustrating! I couldn’t meditate. I meditate every morning but it was feeling like such a slog, like something was blocking me. I was incredibly emotional, I was exhausted.

Gemma has such a wonderful, relaxing and comforting presence that the session itself felt like a dedicated self-care experience.

The day after:

- I meditated for 45 minutes with ease and was able to reconnect to my higher self

- I updated my website, created a new free resource, recorded 2 podcast episodes all in just over 24 hours

- my recent blood tests (taken the day after) showed my white blood cell count had dropped

- I could tap into pockets of joy again

So very grateful to Gemma for this wonderful experience"


" I owe this lady sooo much - I couldn’t be more grateful. Gemma is the most talented, gifted, beautiful soul you’ll ever meet. She gives you space for you to come up with your own answers, gently guiding, and being tough on you when you need it! Because this sh*t is not all love and light, realising the gifts in that darkness…once that happens it’s just a feeling like nothing else. That’s true inner, calm power.

I’m here to clear the energetic space, and provide protection for others to rise, and safely do their work and I'm so grateful to have Gemma's support and another pair of eyes with the clearing sessions.


"I have regular clearings with Gemma because I desire to create as much ease and flow in life and business as possible. I intuitively know when it is time for another clearing and that I’m taking responsibility for my own energy.

I am very intuitive myself but I find I need a second pair of eyes especially with pinpointing specific energies that need clearing and this is where Gemma comes in who I am so grateful to have this support with.

This enables me to hold even more space for my clients with somatic practices and working with trauma, I know its so important to be able to hold that space without energetic interference or picking up energy from clients.

In my last clearing I had amazing physical effects! My heart rate variability went up which means my body is moving into a stress free place. I also became much more magnetic, I felt my energy rise and loads of different opportunities came my way including winning an incredible competition right after the session!

Gemma is incredible, using the tools but also incredible intuition and channelling the knowledge and information that I need to know or need to know what's being released. I have many ‘aha’ moments in each session which I am usually in tune with and can join the dots with what is being cleared and why.

Each session is so thorough, its unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, everything is cleared with many layers until all the work is done. It is well worth the investment and I regularly work with Gemma"

Anna Rushmer

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