"Best decision I ever made, it will be life changing for anyone joining.

Signing up for the Quantum Alignment course with Gemma was absolutely one of the best full body YES Decisions I have ever made!

Not only is Gemma the energy queen but also the manifestation queen. She has guided and held a safe space for me to fully embody my sensitive super powers and my light language.

Her gentle nudges have allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and into my power!

The life changing tools I have learned such as positive psychology, energy clearing, feeling safe in my body and shadow work has allowed me to fully embody my gifts. I am now able to lead my clients with these tools and will forever be grateful to Gemma.

Kim Stewart - Moolman

"The word privileged springs to mind, I feel privileged and lucky to have been coached by this incredible gifted person.

There are so many people out there who label themselves as a coach and to find one who is so skilled in what she does and so qualified in so many different disciplines is so rare to find.

Someone so authentic and doesn't bring their ownI am not the same person I was when I started with Gemma a few months ago. The knowledge and intelligence and beauty that has gone into the programmes is just incredible, I just can't find the words to explain how incredible it has been, I have so many moments of gratitude.

I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Gemma. I could not recommend a better coach"

Jen Cross

Wow what an amazing course!

I’ve deep dived into the Quantum, surfed the waves of the science and anchored in my new timeline! The course is full of so much valuable information and the workbooks really get you thinking and actually doing the work. I’ve shifted so much throughout and it’s shifted my reality in ways I could not even imagine before signing up. I have so much more clarity than I had before and I can see a clearer pathway into my authentic work.

I loved every second of the Quantum calls which I looked forward to every week and feel honoured to be part of such an awesome group of magical ladies.

Thank you Gemma for sharing your work with us and for being a beautiful, authentic quantum leader!


I have just completed the Quantum Alignment Certificate with Gemma and wanted to share my experience for those who are thinking about applying. I’d read through the course description a few times before having a sudden realisation that it described where I was exactly!

I had just come to realise that my job was not in line my with soul path and I was experiencing stress, burnout and other physical dis-ease symptoms. I handed my notice in just before the course started and it has been truly amazing in helping me identify my path as well as giving me tools to heal myself and create a new business.

I have loved having the workbooks to go through at my own pace and they have been deeply supportive. The coaching calls and quantum healings have also been transformative and Gemma’s ongoing support and encouragement are phenomenal.

In 12 weeks I have gone from being on the brink of breakdown to the brink of launching my new dream business which fits around my lifestyle and children. The course has given me daily actions and motivations to move towards my path and I am beyond grateful for it and Gemma. I highly recommend the programme and wish those of you applying the very best of luck in creating an amazing new vision for yourselves!

Amy Shawcross

I was so drawn to the Quantum Alignment certification after being in Gemmas membership Quantum Queen and it was amazing.

This programme embraces who you really are from where woo and science collide.

We had weekly calls and each week there was a different subject from positive psychology to quantum healing and energy clearing and coaching.

I learn so much from this from the day I stepped into it.

I learned how to keep my channel clear and shift my vibration.

This aspect made my Healing sessions even more potent and increased the level of healing some what beyond my own expectations.

I even remember one of my recent healing sessions where I cried at the absolute clean and clearness of what was channelled in for my client.

This is testament to what Gemma teaches, guides, and supports with her utter divine beauty, patience and knowledgeable way.

Her gentle yet powerful energy was just what I needed.

She has in this 12 weeks transformed not only me as human but on a quantum level also.

So grateful

Dionee Brown

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