Want to work with Gemma in 1:1 Coaching?

Quantum Alignment Certification programme

3 month group certification programme, you've done courses and programmes and you already have a successful business but you're ready to up your game by working with the Quantum Field and the Science of Positive Psychology to tap into your Authentic Gifts, Superpower Strengths and Wow your clients with Quantum Coaching Skills.

Quantum Queen Membership

You're ready to be in a supportive membership of other coaches, leaders and healers. A monthly membership for support with aligning to your most Authentic Self in Life and Business. Regular Quantum Breathwork sessions, Trainings and much more.

Authentically You Mini Course

For Introverts, Empaths, Neurodivergents and Sensitives. The 3 Step mini course to aligning with your most Authentic Self, speaking your truth, using your Sensitive Superpowers.

Quantum Alchemy 1:1 Sessions

1:1 Quantum Healing and Clearing with Gemma, this process defines exactly what needs clearing, from where and the root cause. This along with Gemma's channelling abilities and spiritual coaching creates the magic blend of tools to shift and align you back to your truth and authenticity.

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