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and receive a 1:1 text coaching session with Gemma every month!

If you are thinking about joining the Quantum Queen Membership then think no more just GO FOR IT!

You will not regret it!

I originally joined the membership for the Shadow Queen Workshop not knowing if I’d stay but it’s just so good that 5 months later, I’m still here!

What I love about the membership is the unwavering support from Gemma and the fabulous ladies in the group. They really have your back and it’s a beautiful safe space to reflect and share our experiences.

As well as the Telegram channel and Facebook Group for support Gemma also schedules really useful workshops and live sessions focused on various topics. There’s always something to learn and apply which is super cool.

And if that wasn’t enough then…

There’s also a portal where Gemma archives all the workshops, lives and guest speaker sessions as well as meditations and activations which I love! Gemma’s activations and meditations have really helped when I’ve been unsure how to clear something or feel like I need a boost. They are my go-to as I trust Gemma’s authentic energy and connection to source.

I can honestly say that I have shifted so much and accelerated my awareness and growth since being in the presence of Gemma and magical ladies in the group.

With love


I feel so lucky and grateful to have worked with Gemma.

My yoga therapy, energy healing and quantum coaching business has grown from bringing in very little to now being a sustainable monthly income for me.

I can't really believe how much my life has changed since working with her, from leaving a fear based relationship of 13 years and being suicidal, to manifesting my home, yoga studio, shepherds hut, my now husband, motorhome and lots of wonderful soul led clients.

She's truly amazing and gives me so many tools to work with my own clients too. The more I follow my heart, do self care and listen to my body, the more the Universe rewards me. "

Vicky Lily-Springett

I love Gemma's membership and tuning into Gemma's energy updates; they're always a blast of clarity!

Gemma has a great way of supporting you no matter where you're at on your journey. She very much understands what you needs and makes advice & channelled info tangible and relatable.

Gemma's spaces give pure energy &

clarity - which is something I'm aware of as someone energetically sensitive. Because of this, I'm very selective about who I work with in this way! And, Gemma's integrity and authenticity shines through though - making her energy a joy to be in!

Her work & gifts are both valuable & impactiful."